The founder of m a x l a b e l

A bit of cukoo.

Starting a brand-new label? No biggie for Maxine. Driven by her passion for fashion, a feel for quality and let's be honest a whole lot of nuts, she founded m a x l a b e l. 

What the actual f* (pardon our french)

Where it all started

Growing up in her mother’s fashion agency, Maxine quickly understood that she had a thing for fashion. Helping out in the maternal business, she quickly came to understand what she wanted in life and how she was going to achieve that goal. After studying interior design (one of her other passions) in which she graduated, she quickly came to terms with her faith. Fashion it would be. Not by being an agent for other brands, headstrong as she is, she wanted her own label.
Maxine understands that customers want quality, they are looking for an essence within their garments, a certain kind of something that makes them go wow. After exploring the market, finding the right fabrics and getting her ideas straight, m a x l a b el, became to take shape. When creating her own silhouettes, she always keeps in mind what woman these days are looking for: high quality clothes that’ll make them help to make a statement. Pieces which are affordable, yet outstanding and somewhat different. m a x l a b e l is precisely what Maxine wants to carry out: be contemporary, be demanding but above all be you. In providing quality items she wants you to embrace your womanhood, sensuality and embrace your power.

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